Finally Recovered!: The Postcard Killers

I have finally recovered from the Dewey’s Readathon.  My best friend and I made it to the middle of Hour 22 before giving up.  It was probably better for us than trying to push through; we were both seeing letters even when we looked away from the page.  It has taken almost a week for my eyes to readjust from the strain of reading for so long.  So, while I have been giving my eyes a break from reading, I have been listening to an audio version of The Postcard Killers by James Patterson.  Normally I really struggle with audiobooks because the readers do not talk fast enough for me, but this book has enough action to keep me interested.  I have been enthralled with the mystery of the killers and wanting to know what the next step will be for the task force.  James Patterson is a must-read for suspense and mystery fans!

My cross-stitch is coming along well.  Fingers crossed that I finish the baritone tonight to start the soccer ball tomorrow.  I hope my sister appreciates her present even if it’s not something she can use.


Hour 12: Mid-Event Survey

Still listening to the All Fall Down audiobook by Allie Carter.  It is becoming so emotional; I am also hitting the wall in terms of tiredness.  I need a boost so we made lasagna (but it still has to cool, boo! )

My Survey Answers to the Mid-Event Survey from Deweys Readathon:

I am reading the Luckiest Girl in the World still and am about to start the Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal.

I have read three books so far!

The book that I am look forward to the most is Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen.

I have had a lot of interruptions, but I just switch from a print book to an ebook or an audiobook depending on the nature of the interruption.

The thing that surprises me most is how tired reading can make you. I am almost as tired after 11+ hours of reading than I am after an intense workout.

Hour 10: Latte Trouble by Cleo Coyle

I finally finished another book! I am almost through my audiobook as well as Luckiest Girl Alive but Latte Trouble drew me in.  I loved Latte Trouble!  I was very upset that Tucker was arrested.  No, that is not a spoiler (it’s in the description of the book).  His dry sense of humor draws me in.  I love Clare Cosi; she handles everything one thing at a time.  She deals with Joy (her adult daughter), Matteo (her-ex husband sharing the duplex with her), and Madame (her supportive mother in-law) in stride.  In addition to trying to solve a mystery, Clare also balances running the Village Blend during Fashion Week with desperate models and fashionistas dying for the Blend’s designer coffee.  I enjoyed the rich descriptions of the coffee that Coyle describes.  I would recommend this book to any coffee lovers as well as any cozy mystery lovers!

Hour 9: #RATbooksnack

As we finish up Hour 9, I am struggling to finish the Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  It is an interesting read, but I am not a fan of high school girls being mean to one another.  I think it is a sad part of society that I experienced myself and am frankly tired of it.  This book exposes that bullying and potential results of bullying which is a very positive result; I am selfish in that I don’t like to read about something that brings back painful memories.  So I am also working Latte Trouble by Cleo Coyle.  I absolutely love her novels! She is a must-read for cozy mystery fans.

Hour 7: #BookYerFace

Doing this challenge with my best friend was hilarious.  Mine worked out better, but hers was funnier.  We are doing all of these challenges while listening to the audiobook, All Fall Down by Allie Carter.  Grace, the main character, is struggling to stay out trouble.  My best friend and I are always in trouble together, but we never get into trouble as bad as Grace….eagerly awaiting to see how she gets out of these scrapes.

Hour 6: Show Us Your Weather

I am starting to struggle as we finish hour 6!  The weather outside is beautiful and it’s Frolics Weekend here.  Frolics is when the whole campus gets together for a giant party right before finals; there is a lot of drinking going on in the sun and 90 degree weather.  I have started to read the Luckiest Girl in the World by Jessica Knoll in print as well as All Fall Down by Allie Carter on audiobook.  They are both good reads, but the sunshine and music outside are distracting.  The book in the picture is the next book on my TBR. I like how the trees on the cover mimic the trees outside my apartment. #ReadathonSUTW

Hour 1: Mayhem at the Orient Express by Kylie Logan

I loved this cozy mystery! The island setting in snow made the book even more magical.  I found the characters realistic, but also unique.  Chandra or Sandy makes me laugh as I picture her running around with her herbs.  Kate is the woman I have always wanted to be but never will.  Bea is the wonderful main character who struggles with her past enough to accept her future.  The storyline is hilarious: the act that sets the story in motion made me laugh.  Jerry Garcia, the cat, peeing in Bea’s pansies leading to a drag-out fight in the court is the perfect combination of humor with annoyance.  I loved Bea’s kindness in helping others.  The plot of the story connects with Agatha Christie’s  Murder of the Orient Express.  Kylie Logan, the author, manages to modernize Christie’s story while still preserving the classical story.  I do not want to spoil the story, so I will stop there before I get too excited.  This is a must-read for any cozy mystery fans!!!